Education – We have RIBO accredited backgrounds in the following areas: Environmental Impairment Liability, Commercial Lease reviews, Directors & Officers Insurance. We are also available to write new presentations on other specialty lines topics as required such as Errors & Omissions, Real Estate Risks, and Property Valuation for Insurance.

com-ins-iconHere’s where we differ: Our seminars can speak directly to front line staff and put them in a position to understand these complicated topics and speak to clients confidently. Most insurer presentations lean towards the technical side of things, often confusing staff members and leaving everyone scratching their heads. Our presentations will help staff sell these products effectively and open the door to their clients in an easier way.

Operations Advice – Advice on how to streamline administration so that your staff are more productive and efficient and focusing on what adds value to clients, as well as ensuring compliance with insurer and regulatory bodies, while protecting Errors & Omissions exposures.

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