Audits – We can quickly and independently complete audits including compliance, underwriting, claims or anything else a regulator or head office needs ASAP.

ins-ins-iconThis includes program audits where the pen has been given to the broker – this can be a big advantage because you don’t need to take your own staff off of a new business project to get it completed. As an added bonus, the brokers enjoy working with us because we bring both large insurer and broker experience to these situations.

Third Party Claims reviews – this is another example of where we can come in and do a job efficiently to ensure the outsourced claims company is doing what they ought to at a reasonable rate. Right now, either the reviews are done by third party providers themselves, or by competitors seeking to secure the contract themselves. Because we provide an independent expertise, our advice is seen as objective and unbiased.

Special Projects – We are happy to take any project off your hands that an insurer needs done but doesn’t have staff or time to complete. Anything from wording reviews, updates, analysis on results including possible ways to improve these areas and get the job done right. Fact is, we’ve kinda seen it all.

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